Thats us

two countries, two port cities, two Women


Hey, I'm Marta. I'm from Barcelona, but live in Hamburg for over twenty years now. Basically, I teach languages, but one of my passions always were colors, shapes and structures. After some years of painting on my own and joining some artclasses, I met Frauke. Four years ago Frauke and I decided to paint together.


Hey I`m Frauke! I was born in Hamburg and live there since and studied Grafic Design there. Painting accompanies my life ever since I could hold a pencil, a piece of coal or a brush. From then on, painting pictures was my greatest hobby and my passion. Marta and I decided to paint together four years ago.

We love, what we do

Together we are creative. That means not only creative exchange and having fun together while exhibiting pictures, but working together on the very same pice of art with four hands. All our artworks are made by both of us and show our different points of view!